New friend! Dachshund & duckling.
  • 30.11.2022
  • 621

New friend! Our callonetta ducks (rescued a few years ago) had laid a few eggs in our yard. Not together but all different places. She did nothing with it. I decided to put them in the incubator to see what would happen. 1 egg fertilized and hatched. We keep the little one. The coming weeks under a heat lamp and if he/she is big and strong enough outside and quietly get used to our ducks. In 1 week he/she will take the first bath.

Chicken is inside. How do Loulou and Coco react?
  • 30.11.2022
  • 399

Anneke is well domesticated and friendly! Fun to see Coco so overwhelmed with Anneke that she walks very gingerly around her all the while laser focused on her. You can tell Coco is taken in with her and it seems Anneke knows it. Anneke has an admirer! 😄😆😁

Puppy's Shenanigans! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 29.11.2022
  • 515

My little brother puppy Jay is growing so fast! And he learns very fast too! He's lucky! I got all my actor skills by watching movies and TV shows, but he has such a great mentor like me! But before I will teach him this craft, I need to teach him shenanigans! Whom you can trick, and with whom it is better not to joke! I really hope that he will listen to me! After all, I will not advise bad! I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! And... Try not to laugh

How do mini Dachshunds react to a raw egg?
  • 28.11.2022
  • 3158

Loulou & Coco eat a raw egg once a week. I break it for them because otherwise it is too big or inside a mess. I was curious how they would react to a whole egg. xxx Eveline

Urgent Toy Rescue! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 28.11.2022
  • 167

I think every dachshund parent know this situation - you go into the room and see a bunch of destroyed toys... and dachshund with innocent eyes... Oh ... What a familiar story! Me and Puppy Jay did it 100000 times! But... it seems that our daddy has developed immunity to our innocent eyes, and he refuses to buy us new toys until we fix old ones! Well... The Toy Emergency Rescue Team is on its way! Welcome back to Doxie Din - not just a dachshund channel! I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! Stay tuned!

Traveling to the Sun with our Mini Dachshund Puppy!
  • 28.11.2022
  • 827

We decided to leave the cold for sunny Europe to visit our family and miss the holiday rush. Our miniature dachshund Mac did great on the flight (: He is loving the warm weather in Portugal and rolling around in green grass again!

Working day in the garden. With mini Dachshunds, chicken and ducks.
  • 27.11.2022
  • 31763

I loved seeing Anneke taking a sand bath. You are right she is very chatty. thanks for saving the bees! We always need more bees in the world.

Cleaning day with Dachshunds, Ducks and Chickens.
  • 25.11.2022
  • 2058

Cleaning day, actually I do this every day. It has to be clean with animals and they can make a mess. Especially the ducks when it rains. Mud everywhere

Mini Dachshund Puppy's Evening Routine
  • 25.11.2022
  • 814

The evening routine of our miniature dachshund puppy Mac. Evenings with a puppy mean relaxing nighttime walks and lots of snuggles before bed. Mac is a miniature sausage dog (doxie, teckel, dackel) who lives in Montreal. Follow his adventures here

Life is better with pyjama! Cute & funny dachshund dog video
  • 23.11.2022
  • 691

Many of you love my daddy's pink pyjama, and many of you not... But surely it does not leave anyone indifferent! It's so pity, but daddy's pyjama time has over... I can't even imagine how hard it will be for daddy to throw it out! After all, he always has good dreams wearing it! Oh! Life is better in pyjama! I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! And... Try not to laugh!

Mini Dachshund Puppy’s First Time in the Snow
  • 23.11.2022
  • 1755

The winter is finally here, and our miniature dachshund Mac saw snow for the first time! We are glad to see that Mac enjoys a snowy, winter day just as much as a warm, summer day.

Puppy Beggars Duo... Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 22.11.2022
  • 727

Daddy always says to work smarter, not harder! Hmm... It seems that Puppy Jay and I took it too literally this time, isn't it? 🤔 I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! Stay tuned!

Dachshund puppies from 0 to 4 weeks old.
  • 21.11.2022
  • 7478

That was beautiful. I sat through the whole thing with a big happy smile. Those pups are utterly adorable - and literally shining with good health. And Loulou was such a wonderful mother, patient even when they were using her ears as chew toys.

84-Year-Old Lady Is Best Friends With This Pup | The Dodo Soulmates
  • 20.11.2022
  • 604

Animals are not stupid. They know a good spirit when they meet one. They speak to our spirit and if we are wise, like nan is here, our spirit speaks back. I thank God for our beautiful animal angels.